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cmyk toner cartridges Laser printers and copiers use color toner for various color printing needs including business documents, leaflets, and brochures.  Color toners are comprised of cyan, magenta, and yellow; these three colors, and black, are used in various combinations to produce a whole spectrum of color.  Color toners may come individually packaged, or may be available in a pack of three (cyan, magenta, and yellow) with black sold separately.  Each toner cartridge typically prints several thousand pages, and laser printing costs are typically lower than inkjet printing costs.  It is important to check the make and model of your printer to ensure cartridge compatibility.  Color toner is available in original equipment manufacturer cartridges, toner cartridge refills, and aftermarket toner cartridges.  OEM cartridges are made to original printer manufacturers' specifications, so the prints will always be consistently high quality.  Refills can be purchased at much lower cost, but the quality of the prints depends on the quality of the toner that is used to refill the cartridge.  An aftermarket cartridge is a copy of the original one, produced at a much lower cost.  Aftermarket cartridge and toner quality can vary, so it is a good idea to check consumer review ratings on specific aftermarket cartridge models.  Browse these eBay listings to find color toner cartridges for all your printing and copying needs.

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Color Laser Printer Toner Cartridges at eBay